Hurry Up and Wait

Since TJ and I began toying around with Navy life, I decided to join the most known online community for wives in the Military called CinCHouse (Commander and Chief of the House) to better acquaint myself with a realistic view of how life would be if I were to become a military wife myself. One of the biggest themes all wives have in common regardless of Military branch is a quote that comes up on a daily basis among the women and attempts to keep all of the wives sane despite the circumstance….”Hurry up and wait!”
The meaning of this quote has come to make a lot of sense to me lately. It seems that since our nation has an all volunteer military, that it would be a matter of signing a paper, getting your gun, and going off to do whatever it is that you are good at or where you are most needed. My naivete has worn off though. TJ and I were supposed to go to MEPS on the base in San Diego this weekend for his physical, but two things came up: (1)His Navy Doctor had a death in the family, so the whole thing was cancelled, and (2) TJ’s past history of Asthma when he was a kid is forcing him to write up a whole history to be signed off by our Ensign Jones and then cleared before he can be put through for a physical.


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