My Finish Line is Our Starting Line

It’s been a long time coming. I waited for an entire year to have excision of my Endometriosis by Dr. Redwine in Bend, OR. TJ and I literally put our lives on hold to make it happen. Because we needed to switch health insurance to pay for the surgery, TJ had to hold off on Commissioning and stick out his current job. The past year-six months in particular were the most sacrificial months we have ever lived through. I gave up a new job because the pain was so intense everyday I couldn’t do it anymore. We had to turn off the phone, turn off the cable, and learned what it means to rely on God to really provide for us.

Now that I am almost two weeks post-op, we are looking forward to starting the life we have been talking about for so long. I feel so blessed to have such an amazingly patient husband who has not only stuck with me through all the pain of Endo, but who was willing to put his life dreams on hold for the sake of my health. I can’t wait to be just as supportive to him as we work to get his career off the ground.

Plan A is to submit the packet to the Navy for a Commission into Navy Intel. If he doesn’t get picked up the first time around, we would have to wait six more months until submitting it again. For TJ’s own sanity, if he doesn’t get picked up we are looking at Plan B being grad school in Washington DC at the IWP (Institute of World Politics) where he can get his Masters in Strategic Intelligence and Defense.

I guess we’ll see what happens in the next few months. Whatever door God opens first, we’re walking through it!



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