Phase 1

TJ and I wanted to share the whole journey with the ones we love most….so we’re joining the blog bandwagon. This way you can track the process of TJ Commissioning into the Navy as an Intelligence Officer, our travels to distant lands (or not), the ups and downs of military life, and maybe you’ll even learn some military jargon along the way.

Today: TJ has taken the entrance exam and passed with a great competetive score for his field of interest in Intel. We finally met with our Ensign Wayde Jones who will be taking us through until we sign papers. He answered a lot of our questions today (even though it wasn’t close to our two pages of questions we brought). We learned that the major hubs for Intel. Officers in the U.S. are in San Diego, Connecticut, and Virginia. Overseas, we could be in either Italy or Japan.

OCS (Officer Canidate School): From this point TJ will be working on his OCS packet which will go before a Board of big shots. It includes his motivational letter and letters of reccommendation. If the Board picks him up with an open slot in Intel., TJ will be off to OCS for 12 weeks in Pensacola, Florida and then we will both be at his Intel. School in Virginia for 5 months before our first PCS (Permanant Change of Station).

Before OCS: TJ is also in the process of getting in shape for his PRT (Physical Readiness Test). So every time you see him, you can say, “Drop and gimme 60!!!!” Two weeks from today, we’ll be staying in San Diego for a physical.

Overall, we are more than excited. This has been a long journey and we have mulled and prayed over this direction in our lives for a long time now. It’s been clearer and clearer with every door that has been closed to us, that God has continued to open the doors to the Navy. We both are so confident this is the right thing for us to do and a great direction for TJ’s career doing what he loves most…serving his country and analyzing the heck out of the bad guys to keep us safe.

Keep us in prayer for these next few weeks…we’ll update when something new happens.


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