Get them bad guys!

I always tease TJ that he would never hear a sound if someone ever tried to break into our apartment and snatch me away. He sleeps so hard…so hard he needs three alarms set every morning just to get up (starting at 4:15 am). He was dreaming away last night and I just couldn’t get to sleep. I was laying there forever and figured I would try boring myself on my laptop for a while and then try to sleep again. I got up out of our bed (TJ didn’t even roll over). I walk to the door to open it and all of a sudden he’s up. Not only is he up but his arms and legs are flailing all over the bed as he pops up and leaps to the door where I am standing. At first, I was laughing at him because I was plain shocked he actually heard me open our squeaky door and he just looked incredibly silly. But as he flew through the air toward me, I curled myself up into a little ball out of pure fear for what he would do next. It was dark after all! When TJ finally relaized it was his little 5 foot nothing wife at the door and not some masked, gun in hand introduder in Irvine, CA (one of the top safest cities in the US) he said, “What are you doing awake?” I said, “Just getting my computer.”

Back to bed. He was out in less than 30 sec. But now I know for a fact that TJ is one man who means business when someone comes in our home. I’m in good hands folks! I guess I can put the bat under his side of the bed now. HaHa!

I love being married to my protector husband of mine!

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