Three Weeks Post Excision

Tomorrow (Tuesday) it will be officially 3 weeks since I had the Excision of my Endometriosis on my cul-de-sac, right and left uterosacral ligaments, right and left broad ligaments, pelvic floor, central bladder, and a pre-sacral neurectomy done! Not to mention I am still recovering from a dangerous bout of pneumonia that landed me in the hospital after returning home from Oregon since my immune system was so low. I have to say that I was not expecting to feel how I feel right now at this point in time. Before my surgery, I knew full well I was in pain constantly. I used to have a constant stabbing pain in my right lower quadrant, dull pain in my left lower quadrant, birth contractions all the time, sciatic pain that radiated from my left lower back down to my toes, and more. I knew I had to limit my daily activities and that I wasn’t living life how I really felt I should be able to at 24. But now that I have had the surgery and am Endo free, I can’t believe just how much pain I was in every day. I’m actually proud of myself for enduring the pain every day now that I know what it feels like to not be in pain!

Here’s some of the things I couldn’t do three weeks ago:

  • Walk up the stairs to our apartment without stopping half way through
  • Lay down on my stomach
  • Sit down for more than 5-10 minutes without having to stand up
  • Go grocery shopping without pushing the cart like it was a walker
  • Get ready to leave the house without laying down between the shower and drying my hair, drying my hair and doing my make-up, doing my make-up and getting dressed, getting dressed and leaving
  • Sleep without having 2 pillows propped under my knees to relieve the pressure
  • Function doing anything without my “Buddy.” Rice that we heated up in the microwave and put on my stomach all day and night, literally.
  • Walk any further than the garage to the couch, being able to work out was a joke

Just 3 weeks after, now I can:

  • Walk a mile and half without the need of Vicodin for 3 days after
  • Get ready for my day in just 45 minutes without having to lay down between drying my hair and getting dressed, etc.
  • I can sit in the same position through a whole movie
  • I don’t sleep with any pillows propping me up
  • I haven’t used “Buddy” once
  • I can tie my shoes
  • I can blow dry my hair without crying in pain
  • I can run, not walk up the stairs to our apartment
  • I sleep all night and feel rejuvenated for the next day (that’s amazing to me)
  • I can lay down on my stomach and play with my nephews and niece and I don’t feel like I have to cry
  • The brain fog I had everyday from all the pain and medication is gone

I can’t wait to get my clearance from the Dr. in 3 more weeks to resume a completely normal life without any restrictions! Boy does it feel good to be on this side of Endo!


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