Bad News

TJ woke me up this morning to tell me he had some bad news. A team member of his has had a rough year. A couple months ago she was pregnant and had brought the baby to term, Just as she was having the baby, she was told the baby had died. She and her husband were thrilled to be pregnant since they were starting their new marriage…they got married just a couple of months before we did.

She came back to work after taking some bereavement time, got a promotion, and everything in her life was looking ok again. She and he husband were busy planning their two year Anniversary in Hawaii for this April.

Last night, her husband, who wanted to be a pilot, took of from the Riverside Municipal Airport with two of his friends. They crashed last night on a local street about a half a mile away from the airport. The news is calling the pilot a hero for managing to crash the plane in the middle of the street rather than on a home, which witnesses say was an obvious struggle the pilot was making as he was going down. TJ’s co-worker lost her husband.

Please pray for TJ’s co-worker, who has been through a lot in the past year with two major losses in her life. Pray also that she would somehow turn to God in her grief, and that TJ and his other teammates, and her family would be able to support her in the coming months.

Here is the link to the video:   


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