Keeping you on your toes!

Navy is out…seminary is in! Well, hopefully. Through a sequence of events in TJ’s life, and the both of us doing some major soul-searching as a couple, we decided to completely change directions. TJ feels incredibly called to pursue full time ministry and wants to go to Dallas Theological Seminary full time for his Th.M. (Masters in Theology). It sounds crazy, I know…but I know that this is a good move for both of us. Since TJ became a believer just over 4 years ago, slowly God has been molding him and has been changing his priorities. Despite his interest in Government, Intelligence work, and Politics, it has become just that…an interest. His love for God and wanting to serve for the kingdom of God has become his passion.

So, we’ve already applied for the Fall semester, already given up our apartment since our lease was up, moved in with my dad and Kay, put our entire lives into storage, and are patiently waiting to see if we’ve actually been accepted so we can move to Dallas by August 1.

The plan as of now is for him to go fu ll time, and for me to work full time hopefully on campus. If I get a p osition, that will give him a 50% break off tuition and will allow me to get a Masters in Biblical Counseling going part time for free.

Keep your fingers crossed and those prayers going!


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