Moving Fast

Talk about things coming together…it’s been just over 24 hours since we found up about TJ’s acceptance into DTS for the Fall and we already have a place to live! It’s pretty incredible how God has been opening the doors for us.

A month ago I had called the Housing Office to see the likelihood of getting into married housing on campus. The woman had told me it would be highly unlikely to get into an apartment for Fall or Spring semester given TJ hadn’t even been accepted yet and their waiting list was really long.

I called the Housing Office again this morning and left a message saying we wanted to put our names on the list even though we knew we would probably be needing to find something off campus. Later, I got a voice mail from Housing saying they just so happened to have one more one bedroom + study apartment on campus available if I called her back in 5 minutes. When I called her back I told her this was an answered prayer.

She told me I was an answer to her prayer because she needed to finalize all of the Housing by the end of the work day today (which for her was in 20 minutes). It just so happened that she had one apartment left that HAD to be filled and we happened to call.

I’m so excited to be able to be on campus in the “thick” of everything campus life has to offer for TJ and I as we transition.

Next thing to check off the list: Booking our tickets to go scope out our new home for the next couple years. Giddy up!


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