Paving the Way

The Lord had said to Abram, “Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.” -Genesis 12:1

Today has just been incredible! TJ and I found out earlier this week that we would not be able to move on campus into our apartment until after orientation started. Since we need to be there before Orientation, we were stressing out the finances in having to stay in a hotel and pay extra days to keep a moving truck in an area known for car theft. We were also bummed because TJ’s company has been going downhill very fast as far as stability goes, and we were really looking forward to being in Dallas with enough time to get aquainted with the area before starting classes. Needless to say, we weren’t very happy.

Meanwhile, I have been applying to every place known to man whether I am qualified or not so I could land a job by the time we get there. My #1 choice is to work on campus for many reasons, the most important being 50% TJ’s tuition as a full time employee and me being able to get a Masters degree in Biblical Counseling for free if I went part time.

I got a phone call from the gal in Human Resources asking about the likelihood of being able to work as early as July 1 for the top paying position I had applied for on campus. I told her our situation with our apartment, but that if the opportunity arose, it would be a position I would not want to pass up so we would just find a way to make it happen. It would just be a challenge to find some place to live for that short amount of time that we could afford. She in turn told me that we should look for a place to live for the summer just in case…good sign for me!

Well…I scoured the web and couldn’t find one place that would do a month to month lease. Then I called Stonebriar Community Church ( where Chuck Swindoll is the head pastor to see if they had any resources that could point us in the right direction since the church is relatively close to DTS. After talking to an amazing lady in the Missions Department, she immediately made it her personal mission to find us a place to live for free by letting the entire church know of our situation during their three services on Sunday morning. Then, a few minutes after that, another woman called and not only made it her project to help us, but also wanted to help network for me to get me a full time job in case DTS fell through, and wanted TJ and I to stay with her while we visited this next coming week instead of staying in a hotel.

We are just so grateful that as soon as we hit a stumbling block, God continues to lead us in the direction we need to go. It’s amazing that a church has the kind of people who would take us in as strangers, and treat us like we have been a member of their church for years. I’m feeling like we are totally taken care of by God and He is paving the way for us to be where He intends. As scary as it feels to leave everything I have ever known, and follow TJ to fulfill what he knows is his calling, I am at such peace knowing that this entire change in our lives is in God’s hands.


2 thoughts on “Paving the Way

  1. It is so awesome to see God open doors and bless
    you both in so many amazing ways. . . I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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