We’re in Dallas!

So today was our first day on campus for the big tour. Mark, the Admissions Counselor who showed us around hit it off with us immediately. So much so that we all feel like we’re great friends already…he’s a crazy guy! He even worked in Diamond Bar, so he immediately knew where we were coming from and that I especially was normal for going through a bit of a culture shock (Dallas isn’t exactly manicured like Orange County). TJ’s buying me some pepper spray…haha!

We got to check out the campus, go to a class, see the library, our new home (which I love), and had a surprisingly awesome lunch in the cafe.

TJ got a major head’s up about his first semester Greek course. It’s so difficult that we needed to buy the textbook today so he can memorize about 250 Greek vocab words before the beginning of the semester when he needs to be able to chart out the entire book of Philippians. So it begins…

Even though Dallas is completely different from Irvine, I feel somewhat ok about the change since there are a couple of familiar things such as a gigantic Ann Taylor Loft with a huge Petites section in a pretty mall, a Whole Foods store filled to the brim with California organic foods, Chipotle, Buca di Beppo, and Pei Wei.

Here’s some pics so far from the trip. Pray for my big job interview tomorrow afternoon!


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