Your Eternal Destination

Interesting thought…you go to your nearest Barne’s and Nobel or Borders bookstore, and observe people in the travel section picking up their travel guides for their two week vacation. You can be sure these two weeks have been planned out in detail, researched, and read about for months. The destination has taken top priority. You can watch people picking up books on a dream getaway to Hawaii, or a hiking map guide to Machu Pichu in Peru, or even outdoorsy activities than can be done in the deep wilderness of Alaska. These people will sit and read their travel guides with anticipation of where they are going, their eyes glued to the pages with excitement of what’s to come.

What is interesting is that most of us don’t regard reading the Bible in the same way we do these travel guides. The Bible is like our travel guide to our ultimate destination. It gives us the map for how things will go, includes inside advice to make the road of life a fulfilling experience, and yet so many eyes aren’t glued to it despite their belief that one day they will be going to their ultimate destination which is heaven.

I wish I would have that desire to research the heck out of my Bible like people who are sitting in the aisles of bookstores with those piles of travel guides…definitely something to strive for more.


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