Suggestions, Anyone?!

I know this is a “bump in the road” or a little twist in the fun road of adventure we are embarking upon, but no amount of praying is making this any easier for some reason. I’m sure when the dust has settled, the right thing to do will seem blatantly obvious, but for now I am clueless as to which way to go.

Situation: I have yet to hear back on the two on campus interviews I did in Dallas for two different, but equally awesome jobs on campus. Both would afford a good discount on TJ’s tuition, both would be a 2 minute walk from our home, and both would afford me the luxury of spending a substantial amount of time on campus developing relationships with fellow seminarians (something I wanted to make the adjustment easier on me) and making it easy to stay involved with TJ’s new life. Downside-money. One would not come close to covering our bills every month. The other would be ok, but I’m up against 10 other seminary wives for the position and while I may have a good shot, the likelihood of me winning the jackpot are slim, so I can’t count on it.

I got a call from a lady who has her own private speech pathology practice and basically offered me a position over the phone based on my qualifications and educational background. She offered me a salary that is twice the amount of the on campus positions with full benefits doing what I went to school to do. Awesome. Downside-it’s in Arlington. That means at least a 40 minute commute to work there and back everyday. That’s an hour and a half looking at bumpers of big Texas trucks. That means even less time seeing my hubby, sitting in traffic, and making it more difficult to feel connected on campus. Plus, it feels a little strange to me to accept a position when I have never been in the clinic before, haven’t made the commute to see what it’s really like, or met my future boss in person.

I have sent out my resume to at least 500 different companies (well maybe not that much, but boy does it seem like it), but this is basically what it has come down to thus far. Call me crazy, because it’s probably a no-brainer to you all, but I have no clue what to do with myself.

Suggestions, anyone?


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