Successfully Moving Backwards

This sounds so odd to write, but it’s true. Although TJ and I have been married for 2 years at the end of July, we are managing to successfully move backwards in our life together. We all know we have no home right now, so we’re bunking in Dad & Kay’s house until we move. And as of tonight, we are also down to one car. We sold my beloved Sheronda the Honda today so we could just have Sammy Santa Fe that is paid off. TJ makes fun of me, but I get attached to things pretty easily. If it’s apart of my everyday life, you can bet that I will grieve its loss. So I’m seriously sad about losing my car despite the fact we only had her for a year and a half…so many good memories. I know, pathetic. We are also down to just TJ working full time until we move so I can concentrate on getting a job from a distance (which is proving to be close to impossible at the moment). You have no idea how many resumes I have sent out. My name is all over that city. As soon as I get a phone call and they realize I’m still in California (I mention that in my cover letters if you’d read them employers!), they are no longer interested in hiring me. Not even for a phone interview! At least I still have a couple prospects lined up.

Never in my life have things been so up in the air. No home, no car, and no job! If it weren’t for the plans we have that are actually goal orientated, you’d think I was a real loser!

Sheronda, I hope you have a long, happy life with your new owner. Thanks for the happy miles and for letting me blast Carrie Underwood ballads on my iPod everyday. I’ll miss you!


2 thoughts on “Successfully Moving Backwards

  1. I relate. I still miss my Jeep. But you know what I don’t miss? The car payment. Kudos to you guys for doing the best thing, which also happens to be the hard thing.

  2. I love the names for your cars…I owned a ’88 white Honda Civic hatchback, Dwight, that we sold shortly before going to seminary. I wrote a eulogy titled “The Demise of Dwight” – I was sad. Now we have a Sante Fe as well – “Big Blue”. I hope the transition goes well for you both.

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