I’m a Runner

When Endometriosis left me incapacitated, I wished worse than anything that I could run because I couldn’t really even walk. Now that I am feeling great again, I’m trying to get my body back to the way it was prior to the ravages of Endo. It’s difficult to build up the stamina again, but it feels so good to be able to do it and not have to think about taking a handful of painkillers or surrendering myself to the couch for a week afterward. I always had to pick and choose my activities for the day because I had a really limited amount of energy I could expend before the pain just got to be horrendous.

So, being the losers TJ and I are to be the only 24 and 25 year olds not doing anything on a Saturday night, we went for a run. I usually walk while TJ takes off in front of me running to the end of the block before he turns around to come and get me. But tonight, I figured I would try and do this running thing for real.

Now, you have to understand that “Jessie running” is like an oxymoron. I even skipped PE after the first week in 6th grade (orders from the Dr.) because of my good ‘ol asthma. It was a “do or die” situation for me people! Either the fresh cut grass gave me hives coupled with an asthma attack, or the dirt on the track gave me an allergic reaction, or there was always the Santa Ana winds or smog alerts that would have my face permanently plastered to the window looking out from the inside while the rest of my classmates ran the track. I was correcting papers for my teachers during that period. Despite my love for outdoorsy things, it wasn’t until after high school that things like that didn’t bother me so much. The last thing anybody would think to see my do is run.

When I have attempted running in the past, I usually find myself holding my breathe, concentrating on my form only to last a whole half a block before I felt like passing out. But tonight, I think I finally figured out the breathing part. It’s all about counting! Now I just need to firgure out the form part because my knees are KILLING me! Hopefully that is mostly just my poor flat feet that cannot wait to see the Podiatrist on Tuesday for some orthotics!

I really like how running makes you feel. You feel like you’re going somewhere, that you’re acomplishing something in a good amount of time, and it really clears your head pretty well too. I think I’m gonna keep it going…

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