Yesterday, I got a phone call about a position I had applied and interviewed for on campus as the Student Services Advisor on a whim. When we got home and did the math, we knew if I was offered the position I would have to turn it down because it wouldn’t pay enough. Well, I was offered the position and told them I would have to turn it down even though I loved the job because of the pay, and the only way I could accept it would be if the position was made full time instead of 30 hours/week.

They came back to me this morning and said that because of budget cuts in the department, my boss wouldn’t be able to pay me any more. He asked to have the school find the money elsewhere if possible to make it work.  The school came through and managed to dip into other departments to put my salary to where we needed it. So, I accepted!

Next thing…our apartment on campus wouldn’t be available to us until August 22. They need me there by mid July. So, we were stressing out where we would live in the interim. TJ called the Housing Department for ideas of places to look, and they said, “It’s so odd you called, because a couple who was supposed to move in on the 4th floor just cancelled and it will be available for move-in in mid July.” TJ just about had a heart attack on the phone, because the last time we talked to Housing, we just so happened to call when there was one apartment left made available and we got it in the last 5 minutes. We have quite the reputation around the Housing Office now since our timing (God’s timing) seems to be just perfect!

I am soooo excited to be working on campus as the Student Services Advisor. I have a great boss who fought for me to get this position, a 2 minute commute down the elevator, across the street, and up another elevator to my desk. We will receive 50% off tuition for TJ and I can start part time for my Masters in Biblical Counseling for free, and free membership to the Baylor Fitness Center across the street so I can keep running! I also get to work in an awesome environment where I am there to build new relationships, and totally available and involved with everything TJ gets to do as a student.

The scenario couldn’t be better! Thank you God for providing for our every need right when we need it!

Official move in date: July 11. We don’t have a lot of time left here.


One thought on “I GOT THE JOB!

  1. We are so stoked for you guys! God has surely made it clear exactly where He wants you to be! We will miss you a ton, but are so excited for your next step in life!

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