0 Days Left!

Today is TJ’s last day as a Commercial Underwriter for Safeco Business Insurance Company in Aliso Viejo! He has been waiting for this day for 2 years, 5 months, and __ days (he could tell you exactly). I couldn’t be prouder of him for finishing this job so well. He is leaving with an office full of people who will be missing him as a part of their team and with management thankful for his contribution.

Baby, thank you so much for bringing stability into our new home together, and for sticking it out for as long as you needed to. This job gave us the ability to finally be together after a lengthy long distance relationship, and allowed us to get married and up on our feet.  I’m so happy for you finally getting to this day. You did an amazing job! Now you’re moving on to bigger and better things! I’m so proud of you!

Here’s a pic of his first day of work, right after TJ moved out to CA and before we were married…

Here is a pic from this morning before he left for work. I’ve never seen him leave with this sort of animation, so I’m thinking he was a little happy…


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