Hot Toddy Anyone?

Leave it to me and my sorry excuse for an immune system…but tonight called for my mother-in-law’s famous hot toddy. The first time I had this concoction, I was at TJ’s parent’s house after just meeting them and got sick because that’s what I do best…get sick at the worst possible times in the worst possible ways. I’m hoping that I’m just overly tired and stressed out with the move coming up in less than a week now, but this may be the beginning of a cold. I knew it would happen sometime. Any time I go through any sort of life change, stress, anxiety about the unknown or a combination of strong emotions similar to what I’ve listed, I get overly tired and then get the sniffles. Well, not really the sniffles. It starts with the sniffles and then I get some rare infection that Dr.’s have never attrubited to the normal cold, and then get teased by my family for being so complicated…but that scenario cannot happen because we just don’t have the kind of time to be rushing me to specialists all over Orange County.

Although nothing is full fledged yet, I am “doctoring up” with a HUGE shot of whisky, honey, and tea in my hand to guide me into a nice slumber for the evening. TJ has me all set up with Aleve Sinus/Cold-D (amazing stuff), Echinacea tea, Echinacea lozenges, Zicams, and tissues ready to go!

Hopefully I just need a good night sleep and maybe a bowl of my mom’s matzo ball soup.


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