Last Weekend In California…

This is our last night in California before we start driving to Texas in our huge truck with our entire life in tow. Fortunatley, this last weekend in California was filled with great time spent with my family. After running around for days on end closing up our life here in Orange County, we spent the 4th of July with Matt, Mar & the nephews. It was super relaxing playing Wii Tennis with Matt and swimming in the pool with our nephews. It was really a great day with them that we wanted before we left.

Then on Saturday TJ and I hit Crystal Cove beach one last time to take in the ocean. That is one of the biggest parts of California I will miss. Even if I don’t see the ocean every day like we got to while living in Dana Point, just knowing it’s there when you want it is a good feeling. That night Steve, Shell & our neive treated TJ and I to an amazing dinner in Laguna Beach.

Sunday was our last day at Calvary and then we had a family BBQ together.

Today, we packed up the truck and had the family over again to join in on our very last In’N’Out. The other thing TJ and I will miss terrbily about California.

Saying goodbye to my family was rough for both of us. We will miss being apart of the every day lives of my nephews and niece so badly. We hate that we won’t see J’s first steps, or see N off on his first day of pre-k. Or won’t see C running around the house chasing Cooper. We’re going to miss all of their growing up for the next few years. But I am so looking forward to supporting TJ to follow his calling and establishing our life together in a completely new context.

Nothing rewarding in life is easy…it’s hard to leave family you love like crazy behind…but it feels wonderful to have their support and know we are doing what it right for us.

So, in 7 short hours we will be on our way to a whole new world!


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