6 Month Endo Anniversary!!!!!

I can’t believe it! It’s 6 months ago today that I was in Bend, Oregon having surgery to excise my Endo! I feel like it is 6 months ago that Dr. Redwine literally gave me my life back. Thinking about today coming, I realized that I had no idea exactly how much pain I was really dealing with everyday. It wasn’t until the nurses woke me up in recovery that I finally understood the disease and how it literally tore threw my body and my energy every day. I cannot tell you how incredible it felt to wake up in that recovery room when my operation was complete and nobody had to tell me it was a success. I just knew…I could feel the void of pain. I could feel that the Endo was finally gone. And since that day, I have felt the same. Not a twinge of pain. No painkillers. No laying on the couch or in bed all day with my legs propped up on 5 pillows, and a warm bag of rice of my stomach. No stopping after 3 steps up the stairs because of the pain radiating down my legs, or stabbing my stomach from the inside out. No TJ carrying me to the bathroom, or blow drying my hair because it hurt too much to do it myself.

Sometimes I think about how Endo took over my life. It was all I had to talk about, all I could think about, and all I was interested in because I was desperate to get it out. I knew there had to be another option besides a hysterectomy or immediately trying to become pregnant (even though they sais it would never happen for me). Looking back, I can’t believe I went through the kind of pain with no relief for so many years. Especially, so much pain that last year and a half.

It feels amazing to get up every morning and be able to do whatever I want to with absolutly no limitations. When  I hear of other women and their struggle, usually very similar to mine, I tell them to not waste another day in agony. I tell them to run, not walk to Bend, OR to see the most compassionate, knowledgable, and successfull Dr. for our disease.

So, thank you Dr. Redwine for giving me my life back!


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