I Am A Lucky Man!

I think we would all agree that Jess’ talents in the kitchen have been well established (with possible exception of the infamous “taco-nacho” incident).  I am always the first to say that my wife is an amazing cook and I am, without a doubt, one incredibly lucky man but, up until this point, her exploits in the arena of baking have been somewhat limited.  Needless to say, that streak has been victoriously broken and I can happily say that my girl is one heck-of-a baker!  As an entry in our building’s recent desert contest Jess decided to tackle the very loved cupcake lolipop.  Despite this being her first time to tackle this not so simple feat alone, she pulled it off splendidly well!


4 thoughts on “I Am A Lucky Man!

  1. Jess , I am sooooo very proud of you, for venturing out and tackling this baking contest, But what ever results came out of this contest,,,, its no matter,,, because you my dear are a NO# 1 cook,
    I love you & I am very proud of you!!!!!
    luv your momma!!!!!

  2. BRAVO!!! They are darrrrlllliinggg! MMMM….makes me want a cupcake! I can’t believe you didn’t win!!!! What is wrong with those Dallas people?!!

  3. That actually makes me feel better! All my competitors had square cakes with jelly beans, etc. on them and I slaved over those cupcakes by myself for 2 nights in a row! I’m not bitter though ;0)

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