Cuisinart Ploped!

I thought when I registered for Cuisinart stuff for our wedding that I would be getting awesome appliances that would last me a lifetime like my mom’s never-dying puke green hand mixer. But, in the last month two of my heavily used appliances have failed me! I can’t believe it! Emeril Laggasse uses these things, and yet, for me they are of no use anymore.

My Griddler/Panini Press no longer heats up despite it being turned on high and plugged in. My blender, which I use almost everyday for my morning smoothie began smoking under the base and is completely melted.

Luckily, I called Cusinart and told them about my broken appliances and they are still covered under warranty. So as soon as $20 extra magically appears in my wallet, I will be able to mail them off to trade them in for new ones!


One thought on “Cuisinart Ploped!

  1. how disappointing….. how will you live without your smoothie?

    on a different note, your spiritual formation group sounds very interesting. i hope you guys are really able to connect! love you!

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