Aaahhhhh Chhheeewww!

Although I am slowly adjusting to life away from home, I have discovered yet another thing that I need to adjust to…allergies. I remember  having to go to the hospital all the time as a little girl to get allergy tests every year because my asthma was so severe, allergies needed to be stayed on top of. They would do the 40 pricks on my back (that tickled!), and then 10 more on each arm. When the Dr. would leave the room giving my body time to react to the pricks, it wouldn’t take long before my body was red, puffy, and I needed some albuterol!

Well…living in Dallas has quickly reminded me of those times in the Dr.’s office where they practically made me stop breathing on purpose. My allergies are killing me here! My eyes are red and purple underneath, I’m sneezing every two seconds, my ears are popping, and I can’t breath!

I’m bummed about it because I was hoping I would grow out of it, but it’s obvious I’m not going to. So…Benadryl, Zyrtec, and Albuterol will be my friends for a while.

You know what the Dr.’s tell you if you suffer from bad allergies? Go to the ocean. Hmmmm…now that’s a good idea!


3 thoughts on “Aaahhhhh Chhheeewww!

  1. Oh, girl. I had the same problem when we moved there. In fact, there is an air filter in my office (pastoral ministries) that they brought to me to help with my allergies. You should call facilities and ask if it is possible for them to get the filter changed and bring it to you. It made a big difference for me.

  2. oh man… that is the pits…. hope you can get an air filter. maybe it would be a good investment for your apartment too… 😦

    by the way… dai and i were out to dinner the other night and a random guy who befriended noah told me that he needed speech therapy! i am always appalled when complete strangers think it is their business to tell you something about your kid that is none of their business! he told me that he “knows those things” and that noah has a tongue thrust. i told him that noah was only 3 and then turned around and finished dinner. i called my sis on the way home and told her that i was pretty sure that both of my 2 speech pathologist sisters would tell us if they felt noah needed help! she reassured me that he does have a strong tongue thrust, but that it will likely clear up by the time he is 4. if not, then it might be time to look into some therapy. she also said that kids who have a lot of language early on tend to not pronounciate as clearly because they know so many words… quantity over quality, I guess.
    all that to say, i thought of you and wished you were there to tell him off!!!

  3. Hey Mar,
    Char is right, I’m right, and the sorry dude interrupting dinner (I totally would have put him in his place) is wrong! Layman’s term for tongue thrust is “immature swallowing” for a reason…toddlers are notorious for the doing it. Noah definitely does have a tongue thrust, but like Char told you, by the time he’s 4, almost 5 and he is still doing it…then we’ll gladly have the discussion. Until then, he is way ahead on his MLA (vocabulary) for his age and I’m confident things will even themselves out before then. Just enjoy the cuteness of it while it lasts. Char and I both know that Noah’s quantity of speech is his strong point and everything else will follow in suit as he progresses into more speech.
    So…no worries on this end! Even if he didn’t grow out of it, between me and Char, we could knock it out in no time!

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