The love of a stranger

Back at the beginning of the semester I met a lady who came to donate baby supplies to the Seminary. She had just had her 60th birthday and told all of her friends to come with a present for a baby so she could donate everything to Seminary wives who were struggling to make ends meet. Her friends made her promise to take a picture with all of the presents and the person at the Seminary who accepted them.

She had set up a time to drop everything off with me, but traffic was making her late. I stayed after work to meet her since she was coming from 45 minutes away. When she got to DTS, she couldn’t believe that I would stay after work just to meet her and immediately was asking questions about how we ended up at DTS. After telling her the short version of our story, I took her presents (up to my knees in diapers and clothes), took pictures of proof for her friends, and she was off.

A couple days later, there was a check in my mailbox from her specifically for TJ and I to have a date night as a thank you for staying at work late.

Now fast forward a month or so later…TJ and I have been stressing paying all the bills this month. TJ’s midterm week was last week and his workload was so insane that we decided he needed 4 hours of sleep more than we needed him to go to work one morning. We decided we would trust that God would provide when we needed it and the priority had to be TJ doing well on his midterms since they are all such a huge part of his grades. We’re here for him to be in school, not to be working.

So just when we are wondering about how we will pull it off, we open our mailbox and there is another check from Marylyn.

We feel so loved and watched out for by a complete stranger. It’s such an amazing reminder of how God sees our sacrifices in being here and rewards our faithfulness by giving us just what we need when we need it most.  Sometimes I think we’re crazy for giving up 2/3 of our yearly salary to be back in school, but then there a moments like this and I know we are doing the right thing.


3 thoughts on “The love of a stranger

  1. Don’t you love your job?! Those little ladies who donate stuff are so precious! I’m so happy to hear that the Lord has blessed you in this way.

  2. It always amazed us how God provided for us in seminary. Any time I have doubt about whether we will get our support raised I just think about the last 7 years at Moody and DTS and know that I just have to trust. It’s encouraging to hear.

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