7 Things

I was “tagged” by my sis-in-law, Marilee to blog about 7 interesting facts about myself. So…here it goes!

1. Although I am obsessed with all things culinary, I cannot touch raw meat. I pour over recipe books and seriously love the cooking process, but I can’t get myself to touch that slimy, raw animal! The funny thing is that I wish so badly I could attend the Culinary Institute of America, but they would laugh at me if I asked them to clean my meat! We hardly ever eat anything beef, so luckily I don’t even have to deal with the dreaded blood factor that comes from red meats. However, we do get chicken and fish…both things I can’t touch. I make TJ wash them for me and then put them in whatever dish I can use to get me through the rest of the process on my own. One thing I’d like to be able to do before I turn 26 is to be able to roast a whole chicken without the help of TJ taking out all the insides and cleaning Mr. Birdie.

2. I am tickelish on every part of my body. I can remember both of my bros tickeling me until I went to the bathroom when I was little, and nothing has changed. You tickly my fingers, I’ll crack up. You tickel my back, I’ll laugh so hard I’ll cry. I don’t know why I’m so tickelish, but that’s me!

3. I like Sharks! Shark Week is the last week of July every year on the Discovery Channel and I am glued to the TV for the entire week because I am convinced that those crazy sharks are such incredible creations! I can show you with one arm exactly what tactical measures a Great White uses to make his attack. Secretly, I’d love to go on a shark dive (in a cage) to see these guys up close.

4. I have a thing for new toiletries. I especially have a thing for them if they have good packaging. Whether it’s a fresh new tube of toothpaste, a new volumizer, or a good smelling lotion, a girl can never have too many options.

5. I used to be very extraverted, but as I have grown up a little  bit, I have really come to enjoy my own down time. I am definitely livened up by being around people and that is how I feel most connected, but as much as I need “people” time, I also need “me” time to re-charge.

6. I have a scar from surgery to remove a cancerous birthmark on my left hand. I had the surgery when I was about 6 or 7 because my Dr. said the birthmark was growing as I grew and I needed to have it taken off before I hit a growth spurt. So, I have this scar on my hand that begins to hurt every winter when my skin gets too dry because the skin of the scar stretches. Other than that one time of the year, I forget it’s there.  I was convinced no man would ever marry me because he would have to put my ring on my finger on my scarred hand.

7. Call me obsessive-compulsive, but I color code all of my clothes. I can barely reach my clothes in the closet as it is standing at 5 feet tall, so it’s just easier for me to narrow down all the options according to color to cut out the chance of my arm falling asleep from having to wade through all the clothing to get to what I want. Plus, it looks good!

There ya go!

4 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. oh my gosh! i too LOVE shark week and will be glued to the tv any time anything is on about sharks. they are amazing creatures… did you see the show about putting sharks into “tonic?” amazing.

  2. Maybe you should get some hospital gloves or something like that for cooking. I understand your aversion to touching raw meat. The first time I cooked raw chicken was the catalyst for me becoming a vegetarian. I’m not veg anymore, but I still don’t like touching the raw meat.

    Scott likes to color coordinate his closet, too, but I usually do laundry and I always mess it up. If he wants it color coordinated he can do his own laundry. That’s the lazy in me talking.

  3. Mar, How can we be sisters for this long and I had no idea about our common love of sharks! I feel so much closer to you all of a sudden!!! ;0)

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