Today is a special day! TJ is 26 today! He’s extra special because he gets 25 hours for his birthday since we switched the clocks back…lucky!

For his b-day last night, we went to Lake Ray Hubbard. Originally, I was going to take him to this restaurant called Zanata’s because it looked like it had a nice atmosphere on the lake. It wasn’t on the lake. We wanted to be by the water. So we got back on the freeway and found a shopping center on the harbor of the lake right as the sun was setting. I let TJ go a little crazy taking pictures for a while, and then we had a really good dinner at Gloria’s instead.

It was sooooo good to get out of downtown Dallas and see something other than the usual 5 mile radius of concrete jungle around campus.

Happy Birthday to the best hubby in the world…you’re an amazing man and I love spending special days with you and making good memories!


One thought on “HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY TJ!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY T.J.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you have A HAPPY 26th Bday,

    we love you & miss you both very much,
    love your momma & Daddy

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