This week has been all about money. Every second of every day this week has been crunching numbers.  I can’t really blog about what life has been like for me at work this past week, or how it ties in to the miracle that happened to us, but I can say that I am so thankful I have a job right now, that I was able to save someone else’s job this week, and that God’s hand has been so evident in keeping us “safe” for now.

In the midst of the unknown, something amazing happened. TJ went to his campus mailbox where he gets his graded papers back and found an envelope only with his name written on the front full of $20 bills…$400 worth of $20 bills. The timing was astounding. We still don’t know who possibly could have done this, why they chose us, or how they could give at such a bad time financially for everyone. But that $400 means we can pay for TJ’s health insurance, or we can pay for his textbooks without having to touch a loan, or we can put that money towards tuition for next semester. There are a million things that need money in our immediate future that we now have a little bit of the burden lifted. I cannot thank God enough for sending someone our way to help us.

Please pray for people who were not as lucky as I was this week as they have a very difficult road ahead of them, and that my luck continues so we can stay here.

I am beginning to see that when God places you out of your comfort zone, He has the opportunity to show you things in your life you would have taken for granted before. I am seeing that God has placed us here, has worked in TJ’s heart, and has a plan for us both. This is a time of preparation for something amazing to come.

3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Amazing, totally amazing. Isn’t it funny that we are so stunned when something like this happens? of course God will provide all… why are our (my) head(s) so unbelievably thick?

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