Highlights from Home

dec08_p2-057Here are the top 10 highlights from our trip home in no particular order:

1. Our nephews jumping on our bed to wake us up in the morning for coffee and cinnamon buns.

2. Running to the ocean at Laguna followed by time on the swings with our niece, followed by an amazing meal at Ciao’s on Balboa Island by pure luck, followed by real cannollis from Ferrera’s in Little Italy in New York (my favs), followed by the boat parade.

3. Celebrating Hanukkah with the family.

4. Watching Jed learn how to express “Oye Ve” in his high chair….seriously the funniest thing I have ever seen.

5. Dad buying In ‘N’ Out as our first meal back home.

6. Waking up insanely early to go shopping with Dad & Kay and then spending a perfect day in La Jolla with the beautiful water, sleeping  seals and more shopping thanks to Dad stealing a parking space from a BMW.

7. Apple butt! Only you know what I mean!

8. Walking the old neighborhood TJ & I miss so badly.

9. Shopping at my beloved Trader Joe’s.

10. Going back to Calvary and LOVING it.












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