Date Day!

TJ decided that our lives have become so hecktic that it has become important for the two of us to have some down time scheduled together. Partly because I don’t get off campus very often and go a little nutty in the conrete jungle, and because we need time alone without interruption of all the distraction that comes from living in such close proximity to everyone else. So, Saturdays are now are date days!

Our innagural date today was spent in a suburb right next to DFW called Greenville. I read an article in my Bon Apetit magazine from this month about a restaurant having one of the top 10 chilis in the country, and since it was only 30 minutes away, we had to go try it. Lucky for us, when we arrived at Tolbert’s for that bowl of chili, we discovered it was in an awesome old town area on Main St. It was like the Orange Circle, but with a lot more history. And the chili? Well, let’s just say it rightly deserved every word in that article.


TJ and I even met the owner. She is the daughter of the man who came up with the chili recipe and had started the restaurant years before she took over. As soon as I walked in the restaurant, I saw that she was a cancer patient because she was wearing a scarf on her head and looked like she lost a lot of weight from her clothes hanging off her body. When I asked her if she was aware of her column in the magazine, she hurried back to our table pointing it out saying how excited she was. Then she apologized for having to wear her scarf infront of us. She was the sweetest lady, and felt totally ashamed that she couldn’t present herself “well” to us in her own victory of a restaurant explaining to us that she was in the middle of chemo for Breast Cancer. When she finished apologizing, I quickly told her that my mom had also fought Breast Cancer and that she didn’t have to apologize for fighting!

When we finished, I left her a little note asking her to keep us updated on how she was doing with our email and told her that we would be coming back for more of her amazing chili. If you think about it, pray for Kathleen. Pray for her continued success of a restaurant she has made her life in memory of her father, and pray for her spirits to be lifted as she continues her chemo treatments.

I’m looking forward to going back to see her again.



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