Austin Trip

A couple weekends ago we spent the weekend in Austin with our friends here at DTS. We had a jammed day that began with eating a picnic lunch on the State Capital lawn, then to the UT strip for some window shopping and interesting people. After that, we ventured over to the original and biggest Whole Foods in the country, which was the personal highlight for me. After, we took a hike in the park downtown and ate some BBQ at the famous Stubb’s just past world famous 6th street (personal highlight for TJ since it’s Stevie Ray Vaughn’s stomping ground). Once done with dinner, we drove out to Sarah’s parent’s house in the country to spend the night. We woke up in the morning ( I discovered I was really in the middle of nowhere for the first time in my life), had an awesome breakfast and devotional time and then drove home! Whew!

It was an awesome time together with our great friends here laughing all day, car dancing with the girls, and having Ricky and TJ defend our cars from the crazy people trying to break into them on the streets! It was a packed, fast, and fun mini vacation!




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