Oh, Food

So all I want to eat is this:

or this:

spaghetti-osor especially this:freetacos1

Luckily, my boss’ wife surprised me with a picnic lunch this afternoon and fed me this:

Oh, baby Brown I love you, but the things you are making me crave are driving your Daddy nuts (I think it’s funny)! He actually wants your organic-loving Mommy back!


5 thoughts on “Oh, Food

  1. Oh My Gosh, What a combination,,, but if thats what baby Brown is wanting then that is what Baby Brown gets!!!!,( that salad sure did look good!!!!!)

    signed Nana

  2. haha…so funny! I’m so excited for you guys!! I love reading about all your pregnancy adventures so far. I wish I could be there to watch you grow into a Mommy! Take lots of pictures :O) Love you friend!


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