Coca-Cola Baby

So, day before yesterday I had a little scare with me and the little one in the belly. I kept getting massive headaches for the past couple days that I couldn’t shake! When I called the Dr. the nurse told me to go get my blood pressure read somewhere and called her back if it was above 130/80. So, TJ and I went to the store and sure enough, all three readings I did were over the limit.  So, the Dr. saw me yesterday to test me again for preeclampsia, which is a condition that usually occurs after 20 weeks and is characterized by high blood pressure and proteins in the urine. This possibility scared the bageebees out of me because I knew it meant a whole lot of nothing good for me or the baby this early on.

Luckily, my blood pressure was back to normal and I had no protein in the urine sample. However, my blood sugar was really low, which may have been the culprit behind the headaches. The high blood pressure gone normal could be the fact that I’m under a ton of stress at the moment, or the cuff at the supermarket wasn’t entirely accurate.  So, my Dr. told me to “cool it” and prescribed me…


Apparently, the mix of caffeine and sugar when I feel a headache coming on will combat the low blood sugar level I’m experiencing periodically. When I woke up this morning, I felt a headache coming on so I took a couple swigs of that sugar laden, caffeine-filled,  high fructose corn syrup diseased drink I would never even drink as a non-prego and BOOM….headache….POOF, GONE!

The best part of the appointment was hearing I was ok and the baby was ok. The very best part was getting to hear that cute, strong little pitter patter again.

Hopefully no more scares like that from here on out! Tomorrow…15 weeks!


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