Manly Man Monday- M3

Honeymoon 009

6 weeks

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A group of wonderful ladies have decided to begin Manly Man Mondays (M3) to give us all a chance to brag about our awesome husbands! So every Monday I will be highlighting an attribute about TJ that I love about him or something he has taught me since we’ve been married. So, to kick things off…

TJ is Mr. Do-it-all! He is going to be such an amazing Daddy. I know this because he takes care of me so well. Every time I have been sick, whether it’s a cold or Endometriosis, he has been so great at picking up the slack. Since being pregnant, he has stepped up to the plate and has become the maid, the chef, the nurse, and the runner of all errands. When I have been exhausted from my full day at work, he has swooped in and done the laundry, surprised me with warm baths with all the trimmings, and then massaged my swollen feet before sack while still taking 15 units, working part time, and looking for a new job to come home to in California for the big move in a couple more weeks.

His sense of humor and servant’s heart toward me as his wife has never ceased to amaze me…every time he does any of these little things for me, I’m thanking God for such a kind, loving, and selfless husband who makes me the happiest and luckiest girl around.

T, thank you for taking such good care of your pregapottamus wifey!!! I love you!


2 thoughts on “Manly Man Monday- M3

  1. That”s our Boy,,, he is a WONDERFUl man, ,A Great Husband, AND IS GONNNA be a WONDERFUL Daddy, We have got to love our ‘BOY” SO VERY MUCH, AND WE ALSO ARE VERY GREATFUL, THAT HE PICKED AN AMAZING Bride, You both are gonna be incredable parents!!!!!!!
    your momma,,, ( soon to be Nana!!!)

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