Hear Me Out

14274_46_9I’m such a nerd, but this week in the pregnancy has me very excited! Let me explain:


When I was getting my Undergrad in Communicative Disorders, the one class everyone dreaded taking was Audiology. Partly because it wasn’t a language disorders based class like most of us were planning on going into, but also because there was so much memorization with a Prof. that tested hard. Despite this, it ended up being one of my most favorite classes out of my college career.

I can remember sitting there and listening to my Prof. lecture about the formation and anatomy of the inner ear and by the end discussing how amazing out God is for thinking of every intricate detail to make it possible to hear. If one thing were missing, it would not be possible! That night in class I left practically in tears just thinking about it.  It was that class where I honestly felt the closet to God because I knew how much thought and care He put into His creation. Psalm 139 really came to life in that class for me. Sounds kind of funny that this was the class where God came alive to me since I had 30 other units in BIBLE for my minor! Go figure!

What that has to do with baby-

Well, this week, those feelings I experienced in Undergrad are magnified because God is forming the three tiniest bones in the body of my baby.  Get ready for my anatomy lesson:

The malleus, incus, and stapes of the inner ear are being formed. These three tiny bones will be sending pass the vibrations caught from the tympanic membrane (eardrum) to the three bones. Those vibrations then hit the cochlea,  who forwards it to the auditory nerve, which sends the signal to the brain telling us we are hearing something. That is a very condensed version for your own sanity.

My Point-

So, not only can we sing and talk to the baby this week, but God is making all things come together so baby can hear and we can finally communicate together. What a miracle that is!


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