Boy, Girl & Balloons!



Today Mommy and Daddy find out if you are a boy or a girl! We have been waiting and anticipating this Dr.’s appointment since the last time we got to see you at 8 weeks. We are having the Dr. write down if you are a boy or a girl in an envelope. After that, we will take the envelope to a party store and tell them to open the envelope after we leave and fill a big empty box with pink or blue balloons so tonight, we can open the box outside and find out with your entire family and extended family what you will be at your Sex Party.

We chose to reveal you with balloons also because today, 6 years ago, your Nana Shara went to heaven. We wanted balloons to go as far as they could in the sky so she could catch one! We know Nana Shara loves you already, and Mommy wants to be just like her with you when you come!

We cannot tell you how excited we are for your arrival. It’s really beginning to hit us that we will be your parents because you are really growing so fast…all you have to do is take one look at Mommy’s belly, and everyone knows you’re in there!

We love you baby!!!


5 thoughts on “Boy, Girl & Balloons!

  1. Wow what a EXCITING day that was, We were so blessed just to be able to be there for all the excitment,,,, We love you “Baby Brown”

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