Another 3D/4D-30 weeks

We put in our DVD to watch our little Baby Brown do her thing, and the DVD froze! We freaked out, called the store to see if they saved the stuff or not so we could get another copy made, and they didn’t! What they did do was bring us in for another 3D/4D to make another video of her so we could have a record. So, at 30 weeks, we got to see our little one in action again.

She still loved her hands in her face, loved to suck on her toes as much as possible, gave us some good smiles, and in good Grandma Shara fashion, stuck out her tongue multiple times (probably because she was mad at me for overdoing it the day before)!

We were amazed to see how much she grew in 2 weeks…bigger cheeks, more defined lips, etc. She’s so beautiful! Here’s some snapshots:

30 1

30 3

30 5

30 2

One thought on “Another 3D/4D-30 weeks

  1. I can”t believe the difference in the two week time change also,,,, She is even MORE beautiful , then her first pics!!!!! now where is Nana & Pappi pics,,,, we are REALLY anxious to see them!!! We love all 3 of you so very, very much !!!!

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