Close Call!


This past Wednesday, we went into our normal weekly Dr. appointment to check on Baby Brown’s progress. As normal, they checked my blood pressure. It was high…very high. The nurse changed the cuff and checked again and it was still just as high. She waited a few minutes and repeated the process, and had the same results. Then she checked for protein in my sample, and sure enough, I had proteins.

My Dr. came in, quickly ran through the details of Preeclampsia, and sent us straight over to the hospital. She said we needed to prepare ourselves for an induction or possible emergency C-section that afternoon if nothing changed. Not what we were expecting. Luckily, my blood pressure came way down when I laid down in L&D for a while and they sent me home on bedrest, coming back to the hospital twice a week to check on me and baby until I deliver.

I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the long induction and that hopefully I will still be able to experience going into labor on my own and delivering naturally…hopefully. As scary as it was, TJ was thoroughly disappointed that we didn’t get to meet her Wednesday and ended up having to wait!

Any day now….any day!!!!


3 thoughts on “Close Call!

  1. The main thing is ,, that momma & baby are doing GOOD,,,, that is what we are wanting,,, hang in their Jessie,, she will be here soon and maybe this week ,,, how cool is that ,,,,, I so wish I was there with you now,,,& being a part of this,,, just think you & I could be walking that mall, and for sure that baby girl would arrive,,,, (You know how I like to walk the mall!!!)We love all 3 of you so very much, ( that sounds so cool all 3 of you)Just hang in there ,,,
    Love Nana Sherrie & Pappi

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