Sadie’s Date Night!

TJ and I have always cherished and known the importance of dating each other even though we’re happily married. Since bringing little Sadie into the world, we have realized even more how much we need our date nights to reconnect with one another and be able to have an adult conversation after 24-7 baby, baby, baby!

Luckily, Nana & Papa have given us every Thursday night off  to do this! So, last night we went out to dinner and then to coffee. We watched the clock to make sure we would be back at the time we said as we knew Nana and Papa had both had long days.

As we walked up to the door, we heard music baring from the street. To our surprise, Sadie wasn’t sleeping but was all smiles in Nana’s arms dancing while good ‘ol Papa was singing his heart out to nothing other than…hold your breathe…Barry Manilow. Apparently Chattanooga-choo-choo is her personal fav.

Oh, Dad really ?!!! It wasn’t enough that three of your children had to overcome the horror?! Now you have to do it to your grandchildren?! I would have settled for the millionth time hearing you do your rendition of New York, New York! ;0)

Anyways, despite the horrible choice of music selection, Sadie had a ball while we were gone.

Thanks for letting TJ and I have a good time and most of all for letting little Sadie have a date night of her own dancing the night away!

One thought on “Sadie’s Date Night!

  1. You just happened to come in on Barry Manilow. But Sadie had a real selection that night including Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Al Jolson, Andy Williams, and even Jimmy Durante. And…are you ready….Tony Martin:) She loves it all!! (We did the Beatles too.) It was great!!!

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