Sleepless in Orange County

This past week has been a long one for us.  Sadie’s cold turned into wheezing, which turned into our Pediatrician not being so reliable (out of town with no Dr. on call…who DOES that?!), which turned into worries of RSV returning by an ER nurse over the phone, which turned into our first trip to the ER around midnight on Sunday night. Luckily when we got there, Sadie was breathing better than when we had left home and she ended up spending our time in the ER entertaining the Dr.’s and Nurses with her big kicks and giggles and humongous smiles…thanks for making Mommy and Daddy look good Sadie!

Since she’s had this cold we seem to have forgotten a couple of things:

1. How to sleep- Our 9 hour nights between feedings have regressed into screaming herself to sleep once being swaddled, and then waking up again when put in the co-sleeper, and then waking up 1-1/2-2 hours for the rest of the night. Try that scenario with Mama catching Sadie’s cold and Daddy not being available to pitch in with the night shift because of a big test for his DTS class and having to work in the morning, and we’ve had one rough week!

2. How to eat- I don’t need to go far into explaining that your child can either make breastfeeding a joy, or make it a painful and miserable experience. She’s obviously forgotten that nursing is supposed to be a bonding experience. There is to be no pulling of the head and not letting go. And no biting!!! Hopefully she is just teething and this too shall pass. I miss the bonding, can skip the biting!

All babies do is sleep, eat, and poop. So, she’s forgotten 2 out of the 3, but at least we can count on the good poopies! Lookin’ on the bright side of things! In all seriousness, even with it being so difficult this week, all we have to do is look at this…..

And then all seems right in the world once again. Can’t resist her.

2 thoughts on “Sleepless in Orange County

  1. Give that grandaughter of ours a BIG hug and kiss , and make her get better soon, and oh yea, give that momma & daddy a big hug & kiss from mom & pappi also ‘We Love you!!!!

    Nana& Pappi ( AKA mom & Dad)

  2. Girl, you have one beautiful baby!!! I know things are so terribly difficult right now. I also know that everyone is probably telling you it will pass and you won’t even remember this time. While I second all that advice, I just wanna tell you that it’s ok to be frustrated and have those thoughts of “If I hear this baby cry one more time…” or “I miss sleeping and am going to go crazy if I don’t get some of it again REALLY SOON” Hang in there! Somehow the minutes pass, hours go by, and lo and behold, another week has disappeared into the past. Before you know it, you WILL be sleeping again…

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