4 Months Old

4 Months

Wow…another month has past us by and our little Sadie is already 4 months old today! It seems like each morning we wake up and she’s a different baby than the one we put down to sleep for the night.


-She’s a talker first thing in the morning!

-She loves bees. She has a bee toy that makes fun noises that she will stop whatever she is doing to look at. She also has a bee that is on her swing that she will talk to forever.

-She loves her ducky. She has a small little ducky that she grabs onto and kisses (slobbers on), and that she caresses. It’s really cute to watch.

-She HATES tummy time with a passion, although Mommy can squeeze in an extra couple minutes blow drying her hair while Sadie watches in amazement.

-She is no longer a fan of hanging out in the car seat if we need to run errands for a good part of the day. This is the time when she reminds us that she plans to be a Broadway singer that doesn’t need a microphone because she can project her voice, ummm, screams that well.

-She loves kicking and splashing during bath time.

-She’s a cuddler. Whenever she can hold your hand or nestle her head in the nape of your neck, she’s a happy baby.

-She loves taking walks  with either of us outside so she can hear the birds and she the trees.

-She drools like no other. I’m waiting for that first tooth to come in!


I think the hardest part of my mothering career thus far has been the implementation of the night time sleep routine. Until 2 nights ago, we co-slept/bed shared depending on how she was doing. We gave her a bath, I fed her, and then Daddy spent a good hour or so rocking her to sleep. We’d lay her down in the co-sleeper and pray she wouldn’t wake up…but she did. Always. Then we’d rock a crying baby back to sleep for another half hour only to be woken up at 12:30 am. I’d feed her, lay her down, and by 2:30 am she’d be awake again. So we’d give her what Sadie’s cousin affectionately calls her pabbi (pacifier), and she’d dose off for another 30 minutes. She would wrestle, whine, cry, and wake up like this until I would finally give up and wake up for the day at 7:30 am.

After 3 weeks of this happening, it finally hit us that we were exhausted, she was becoming high maintenance, and we were just plain crazy. It’s time for her to learn how to fall asleep without us helping her get there.

So, as of two nights ago we now give her a bath, feed her, lay her down in the co-sleeper with lots of hugs and kisses and “I love you’s” and let her cry. Most painful thing ever!!!! We go in every 5-10 minutes depending on her level of crying to reassure her that she’s ok, and then wait it out. The first night  took 50 long, painful, excruciating minutes. I was glued to the baby monitor and TJ watched TV. My brother said it perfectly when sometimes it’s harder to be the husband than to be the Dad. It just doesn’t get at him the same way it does me.

Sadie does this high pitched shrill cry, especially when you come in to comfort her with this look of “Why are you doing this to me?!”  Luckily, last night took 30 minutes instead of 50 minutes, so hopefully we’re moving in the right direction.

The great part is that TJ and I get our nights back because when she does fall asleep, it’s a deep one. It’s also great because she’s finally sleeping stretched of 7-9 hours at a time that are on track for her developmental age. Plus, happy baby and happy mom in the morning!


One thought on “4 Months Old

  1. Gotta Love that precious Baby Girl,, I can”t believe how fast she is growing !!!!!

    Give her BIG kisses from her nana& pappi!!!!

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