4 Month Update-BIG News!

This week we went for Sadie’s 4 month well check with the Pediatrician. Here are Sadie’s stats:

  • Weight- 15 pounds (69 percentile)
  • Height- 25 1/2 inches (81 percentile)
  • Head Circumference- 41 cm. (41 percentile)
  • And…as of yesterday, we now have a roller on our hands! Way to go Sadie Rae!

Her Dr. says she’s doing awesome! Socially she’s acting a bit more mature for her age. She also is ready for solids, but Dr. and I agreed that we’d like to stretch it to 6 months or as close as possible to 6 months as we can given my history and TJ’s history with asthma and allergies.

Where she is lacking is in the sleep department. For over a month now we, yes we have not been sleeping. At all. This is the reason I am fighting the worst cold EVER! The Dr. was concerned about our tight living situation at my Dad’s while TJ and I have been feverishly trying to pay off all our debt from his unemployment when we first moved back to CA from TX, and my unexpected stay in the hospital for the heart issues after delivery. Even though we have been “living like no one else now so we can live like no one else later (Thank you Dave Ramsey),” the Dr. felt strongly that Sadie needed to be in her own crib in her own room to sleep better or else we would be facing so pretty big dependency sleep habits that would be hard to break the longer we kept this living situation going. We all know co-sleeping is awesome. But it’s not so awesome if your child doesn’t sleep well with you in the room with her anymore.

So, even though we have to slow down our debt progress (yay for a couple thousand dollars done), for the sake of Sadie’s development, and the sake of all of us getting more than 3 hours of sleep at night, we are moving on to our own place again.

I have to say that this is an emotional move for me. Because we were forced to live with my Dad in a tiny bedroom for the last half of my pregnancy, I didn’t get to do all the nesting to prepare for Sadie. I missed out on creating a nursery. I didn’t have any furniture to pick out. I didn’t have my new glider sitting in the corner with a little lamp beside it on a table empty just waiting to rock my baby in. I didn’t get to freeze a bunch of homemade meals before her birth so TJ and I could eat without worry once we brought her through the doors. I missed out on almost every little thing like that you can imagine looking forward to as a prego for the first time. There were many times when TJ and I would walk around Babies R Us dreaming about Sadie’s arrival, and I would leave with tears streaming down my face because I knew exactly how I would get ready for her and I couldn’t do a thing about it. It was so hard for both of us.

While I’m completely and utterly thankful and grateful we have had a roof over our head this entire time, and family around, and even being crammed like sardines in my Dad’s office together with the two most important people in my life, I am more than looking forward to me getting to be the wife and the mom for real now!

Hopefully this move will be the springboard to bigger and better in the next few months (that’s a whole other post with its own explanation), but this is a good thing for us and our new family that I welcome despite it’s financial slowdown. I am thankful that the Lord has provided for our every need for the past 9 months we’ve been here, and am trusting Him to continue to provide for us now. I am especially praying our life in storage is all still in usable condition!

To my baby Rae Rae- I cannot wait for your Mommy and Daddy to take you over the threshold into your first real home with us and to give you your own room with your own space! I hope you have so much fun…and that you SLEEP! We love you!

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