First Vacation

A couple weeks ago Sadie and I got to tag along Daddy’s business trip to Liberty Mutual’s home office in downtown San Diego. We got to stay in a spiffy hotel looking over the Coronado Bridge, eat room service, and enjoy some time together in a paid for 2 bedroom suite!

Livin' it up on a king size bed

Sadie and I had lots of fun walking the streets downtown, people watching, and hanging out with TJ when he was done at the office.

Some highlights from Sadie’s first trip:

-Daddy freaking out about the amount of baby stuff one has to lug in a car that obviously doesn’t fit it all.

-Because Daddy freaked out about all the baby stuff not fitting in the car, he also managed to forget all of his work clothes hanging up in the closet. This was realized, by me, at about 5:00 pm the day before he was to show up at home office. So, we put Sadie in the stroller and ran across downtown to Nordstrom’s so we could buy work clothes and…ah, dare I say, return them all when we got home! Unfortunately, the salesman kept bringing TJ $300 pants to try on in the fitting room, which TJ found appalling (even though we would be returning them). So we dashed to GAP where I could feed Sadie in a fitting room and he finally felt in his economic comfort zone! The GAP clothes went back too. Yep.

-Sadie and I got some fun girl time!

-Walked around Old Town and had dinner.

-TJ took Friday off and we headed for a nice, sunny day in La Jolla so we could show Sadie all the seals on the beach. She didn’t really care…just wanted her Pabby and a nap.

Look Sadie...seals!!!

After La Jolla, the mini vacation was officially over. She screamed all the way home!


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