Milestone Marathon

Sadie has been a busy baby jumping hurdles over some major milestones the past few days!

We’ve rolled over from our tummy to our back!

Before shot checking out my cool toys!

After I rolled over and had no clue how I got there!

We’ve sat up without help from Mommy or Daddy in a cute little tri-pod!

And we’ve successfully found out that our right thumb is just as good as our Pabby! Hopefully this helps out with self-soothing skills for our non-sleeping party animal.

Way to go Sadie!

Whew! I'm exhausted!


7 thoughts on “Milestone Marathon

  1. Hi again Jessie,

    I love these pictures. So if I read a previous post correctly you are back in California? If you ever have some time to visit Biola I would love to see you and your beautiful little blessing.

    Hope you are getting some sleep tonight.


    • Hi Jessie,

      No, I am only on campus three days. Tuesday, Thursday, and most Mondays. Need as much time at home with my little ones.
      Want to visit?

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