5 Months

Sadie helping out on moving day

Sadie is 5 months old now and time seems to just fly by! She can do so much now! My personal favorite is the times during the day when we do raspberries back and forth to each other. So funny! She also loves it when Daddy blows in her face (don’t ask me why), or when he lays her down on the bed and does “Earthquake” and shakes her on both sides. Her laugh is contagious!

Two huge things have happened…

1. She now sleeps in her own crib and in her own room. (We’ll upload pics when her room looks like a tornado didn’t hit it).

Yep, she’s a sleeper! It seems that her lack of sleep the past months were because of co-sleeping past her time. Maybe it was us being right there to distract her, or maybe it was because the co-sleeper mattress wasn’t soft enough for our little picky person who loves all things soft. Either way, the Pediatrician was correct in her hunch. Therefore, the move and sacrificing our shorter time line to pay off debt quicker ended up being worth it in the end to finally¬† give this girl some good, solid sleep.

From the first night here in our new home, Sadie has either slept all the way through the night, or woken up once to eat and then go right back down. This is a HUGE improvement from the all-nighters for months that we were not getting accustomed to. We are all much happier, well-rested individuals that make up one happy family now that sleep is better.

2. She’s eating solids!

I tried to wait it 3 more weeks until that beautiful perfect 6 month mark, but we simply couldn’t make it. I’m learning slowly to watch Sadie and not the calendar, especially because she seems to do everything faster than the norm (smarty pants like her Daddy). We couldn’t take the eye fixation on every bite we took or the mouth dropping as we put the fork to our mouths. What broke me down completely was the cry for food when I would eat in front of her. Since she’s sitting unassisted, teething like crazy, and obviously interested, we decided 3 weeks early wouldn’t kill us.

So, the first food she tried was Avocado. People at the store must have thought I was nuts because I stood there forever feeling, smelling, touching every organic, over-priced Avocado to make sure she was getting perfection in her first bites. I even analyzed how ripe it would be in the amount of hours between the time I bought it to the time I would be giving it to her. Crazy, I know. But I’m a major foodie, and my girl has never tasted anything but my milk!

The first day she seemed to love it. Or so we thought. In hindsight, she probably hated it, but was so thankful to finally get something that she took it. The second day of it didn’t go so hot. She took it, but gagged and spit it back up. And the third day, she simply turned her face in disgust.

First bite of yummy organic goodness

Hmmmm...I donno!

Okay, yes! I can do this!

Do I have anything on my face?!


We’ve since moved on to Bananas. These seems to be a huge hit with her so far. I love watching her faces as she discovers new tastes and can’t wait to share in my love of all things culinary with her as she grows.


2 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. Hooray for Sadie and SO glad you guys are getting some much needed rest! You are a great mama, keep up the good work!

  2. Yay for sleep! Aitan has been in a crib with Ilan for over a month, but he still isn’t sleeping well. I think it’s just a family trait. Ilan definitely couldn’t sleep in bed with us, though. He would want to play and couldn’t settle down. I didn’t bring him in to bed much anyway, but on those nights when he was just not sleeping and I really wanted rest (especially because I was working) I would bring him in and always regret it. Aitan on the other hand loved being in bed with us.

    A small note on Avocado…I think it can be a bit cloying for babies. You may want to dilute it a bit (breastmilk or water) and she might go for it again.

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