Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Girl!!!

6 months ago today, Sadie was born! We can’t believe how much has happened to us as a family in the past 6 months and can’t imagine life without our little girl now!

I, Jessie, firmly believe in the celebration of the half birthday. As she grows up, I plan on doing lots of fun half birthday parties as a family with half birthday cakes, 6 balloons, and singing half the birthday song!

I think Sadie is on board for the celebratory day also since all day when I told her “Happy Half Birthday” she was all smiles and goo’s.

6 Month Stats as of 05/17/2010:

Weight: 17.4 pounds-70%

Height: 26.5 inches- 73%

Head Circumference: 43 cm.-62%

At 6 months Sadie loves to:

  • Bounce to music and pump her arms and legs simultaneously (specifically Phil Wickham)
  • Cuddle & snuggle
  • Give kisses and talk to her Ducky
  • Roll from the top to the bottom of her crib & slam both legs on the mattress as hard as she can
  • Scream in stores (especially Costco) just because she likes how loud her voice sounds in a big space
  • Water. Bath time is a blast.
  • Be outside (especially the beach where she can watch the water)
  • Eat (so far bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes…and milk, of course!)

What she doesn’t like:

  • Loud toys (she will get this cute little lower lip action going until you make that loud noise stop)
  • Elevators (again, the lower lip comes out followed shortly there after by an uncontrollable wail). Should be interesting once we move back into a 10 story building with an elevator we use multiple times a day.
  • Going on the changing table right after waking up. You must snuggle and cuddle when she first wakes us before you do anything else on your agenda. She just wants to say hi and she missed you while she slept for goodness sakes!
  • Being left by herself for .2 seconds. Separation anxiety has been slowly creeping in and rearing its ugly head!

We love you Sadie Rae and are so thankful for your presence in our lives…you make your Mommy and Daddy so happy!

Here’s a recap of pics for the last 6 months:

At Birth

One Month

2 Months

3 Months

4 Months

5 Months

6 Months

One thought on “Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Girl!!!

  1. Happy 1/2 birthday, Sadie girl!! You are too cute for words…can’t wait to meet you this summer! I think you and Noia are going to have fun rolling all over each other 🙂 Kisses!

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