Wee Hours of the Morning…

Pslam 144:4- For they are like a breath of air; their days are like a passing shadow.

I love being a Mom. I love everything about it and I’m so grateful that I get to stay home and watch every move Sadie makes. I get to see her discover her hand all over again each morning like it’s the first time she’s seen it with such excitement her little heart explodes. I get to watch her bounce and pump her arms and legs as she dances to worship songs. I get to be the one to pick her up when she’s lifting her arms for someone. I’m there when she laughs after having a very detailed conversation with her Ducky. I have the best job in the world.

I have to say that as busy and fun as the day time is, my most favorite moments of being Sadie’s Mommy are in the wee hours of the morning. I think a lot of parents dread the night time with their babies because it means less sleep, and trust me, we’ve had our fair share of no sleep. But Sadie has gotten in a great sleeping routine and has a little alarm clock in her body that is predictable.

So every early morning around 4:00 AM she wakes up for a feeding. As soon as I come in, she lifts both legs up above her head and slams them down on the mattress with joy for what’s to come…MILK!!! I scoop her up, feed her, and minutes later my baby girl has relaxed and drifted back to sleep. I sit there in the chair with her cradled in my arms and just look at her. She’s so still and so calm, a rare thing during the day.

She always looks older every time I do this each morning
and I am reminded each time at the miracle of life that God creates with His hand and how fleeting these days are. These moments with my growing girl are the ones I never want to take for granted. These moments are my favorite.


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