Family Vacation

TJ’s parents came out for the Memorial Day weekend from Texas and blessed us by making a little vacation out of it for TJ and I by all of us (Me, TJ, Sadie, the ‘rents & Aunt Boo) staying in a beautiful B&B on the beach in Coronado Island. Sadie had so much fun reuniting with far away family-showing them all the stuff she’s learned in the past 6 months.

Here’s some highlights:

Enjoying the sunset with Poppi

As much as TJ’s family loved being by the ocean (after living in Hawaii, who wouldn’t?!), I think we all decided that it’s safe to say no one loves the beach as much as our Sadie. She lights up as soon as she hits the sand and gets a glimpse of the water. If her feet touch the sand, life is at its peak in Sadie’s little heart….

Ooooh! I love the beach!

Lemme outta this thing! I gotta see the water!

Nana & Poppi soaking up the last rays of the day

Nana & Aunt Boo


Smoochie Smoochie

The men.


One thought on “Family Vacation

  1. That was one of the “BEST” vacations ever !!!! Thank you,(Tj,Jess & Boo)Our (Wonderful children) & our Beautiful Sadie Rae, Our most precious grandaughter, We love you ALL VERY MUCH!!!!

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