8 Months Old

So much has happened to little Sadie in the past month it’s hard to believe! It seems like every day that passes she learns something new, fun and exciting to do with her wiggle worm body!


  • Crawling like crazy (usually grunting at the same time)
  • Lifting herself from her bum to standing
  • Standing unassisted to hold onto something
  • Two bottom front teeth
  • Lots of talking (says Nana, Papa, Dada, Mama [FINALLY], Yaya, Wow, OhOh)
  • Holds her own hands (cutest thing EVER)
  • Lives for the pool so she can lay on her belly and stick her hands and arms out to touch the grass
  • Has to have 2 pabis in the crib with her so when she wakes up she can have one in her mouth and the other in her hand to look at and then switch
  • When all else fails, she will always go poopies in her car seat
  • Swings at the park bring about some serious giggles

  • A simple run-of-the-mill animal book stirred up the most loud screams of joy (in Costco, of course). We have since bought the book and enjoy it multiple times a day just for a good laugh.
  • She likes to feel like she’s flying when she’s carried and always has her arms sticking straight out instead down at her sides.
  • Imitating faces Papa teaches her for weeks after the fact.


  • Being put on the diaper changing table too soon after waking up. Must  have a good snuggle first.
  • Holding hands
  • Big, loud toys
  • Other babies crying
  • People laughing or clapping too loud
  • Strangers getting in her face (you and me both, Sadie)!

Good, organic, homemade, lovin’ from Mommy grub:

Purees: banana, apple, avocado, sweet potato, peas, plum, peaches, mango, cereal, pear, carrots

Finger Foods:banana, mixed berry yogurt melts, cheerios

Sippy Cup: Mastered!


Weight: 18 pounds 12 ounces (60%)

Height: 27.3 inches (53%)

Head circumference: 44.5 cm (74%)

Way to GROW girl! We’re loving every single second!

3 thoughts on “8 Months Old

  1. Hi Jessie,

    Me again, taking a peek into your beautiful life. I am so glad to read that life is going so well for you and your little family. Having Sadie in your life has to be such a wonderful blessing she is beautiful. I hope as she grows she realizes how much her mommy loves her and that you two are able to cherish your relationship always.


  2. Oh, she is just so darn cute! It is truly amazing how fast time flies when you are mothering! I’m so glad you are taking in everything!

  3. We just Can”t believe Sadie is growing up so fast!!! You have No idea how hard It is just watching her grow from pics, & not actually being there to hold & kiss our precious grandbaby, sadie is so smart, & so good natured, she is a WONDERFUL baby, & we miss her so very much!!!! We Are very proud of her mommy & daddy, they are the Best parents!!!!
    Love & miss all 3 of you!!!!

    Love Nana& Pappi

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