Fish Like to Swim, This Baby Hates to Sleep

Kickin' my feet!

Sadie is a definite California girl to the core. She loves the beach, the sand, and now the pool! We’ve taken her in her little baby pool and let her splash to her heart’s content, but this weekend we went to a whole new level of fun. We invited my fam over this past weekend for a poolside BBQ and introduced Sadie to the BIG pool. Let’s just say she didn’t have a single problem with it and stayed in until her little body was looking a bit to prune-like while watching her cousins swim beside her. Even when she was splashed in the face with water, she took a big breath and kept those little legs kickin’!

Daddy, this is way more fun than a bath!

Watching Papa swim like a fishy too!

On a not so fun note…

Sadie has learned how to stand herself up in her crib. This has resulted in a total spiral of what used to be great sleep and a break for Mom. As I type, my girl is standing up and looking out, screaming at the top of her lungs for me to come and get her when normally she should have already been asleep for 35 minutes. This is obviously a whole new phase of parenting we are now embarking on and have NO CLUE what we’re doing or what happened to our easy little girl who has all this new-found independence.

"If I do enough pulls ups, I might get outta here!"

56 minutes later. Defeated!

She is also getting up at 6:30 am instead of 7:30 am, which makes this phase even more fun!

AND she now screams and throws a tantrum on the diaper changing table, making poopy changes interesting.

Let’s all hope this little period of crankiness passes quickly, shall we?!

Anybody want to babysit?! ;0)

4 thoughts on “Fish Like to Swim, This Baby Hates to Sleep

  1. poor Sadie, and poor Mama Jessie! I feel ya girlfriend… and I’m only at week 6… need a break? Drop her off over here! Silas and Sadie and scream together =)

  2. ” I would LOVE TO WATCH MY BABY SADIE !!!!

    Im thinking she is just going thru another growing stage in her life, this too will pass mom,,, Jess,,, you are a WONDERFUL mommy, you will figure this all out honey,, like everything else you”ve learned to do for your daughter, I have studied some of these pics, and you could just see the “I love you look” on sadies face when she sees her mommy& daddy,, that look is just priceless , Keep up the good work Jess,, You are a Pro at being a Mommy!!!!

  3. It’s tough when they get mobile…a whole new game. You can almost see them calculating what to get into next. For Aitan it happens to be the toilet. We have all learned to keep the bathroom door shut! I think it’s a harder transition than walking. Once the novelty wears off she’ll go back to sleeping…and by that time she’ll probably be teething again. Sigh.

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