Keepin’ It Real

I love writing about our new little family and the fun happenings in our life, but the honest truth today is that I’m freaking out…we’re all freaking out! Well, maybe just the Mama & Daddy are freaking out!

Today is August 1 and we’re supposed to be moving into married housing, our beloved Swiss Tower on the DTS campus on Aug 20.

That’s 19 days away…

We can’t go without a job.

We have no job as of right this moment. Crossing our fingers for the possibilities.

Therefore, our home is not packed up.

We have no moving truck reserved.

TJ is registered for more online classes with DTS instead of being able to physically go to his classes.

I keep praying for God to give us peace about His timing in our lives and to be open to what He has for us.

It’s so hard to wait peacefully when you know you are called to be somewhere other than where you are right now.

I wish we had never left in the first place.

I miss our friends!

I miss TJ being excited about his day.

I’m tired of our lives being up in the air and in this constant state of limbo.

I want to see TJ do what he loves.

I want to resume our life.

I want to throw all our stuff in the back of a truck and move!

19 days and counting…trying to hold it together.

Pray with us…


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