9 Months In, 9 Months Out

I know I’m officially a Mommy now (as if I didn’t know before) because I mourn over the fact that my little girl has been outside my tummy the same amount of time she was inside my tummy this month. People say to enjoy pregnancy because that is the closest you will ever be to your child. I took heed to that advice and am glad I did enjoy Sadie while I had her in me because the more months that pass, the more and more she is able to do without needing me by necessity. So sad for me, yet so glad for her. Parenthood is cruel that way.

This past month Sadie has been:

-Growling to imitate a puppy with arms pulling it tight to her tummy on each growl (we’re trying to teach her to be a lady to no avail)

-Climbing Mt. Mommy or Daddy to stand

-Crawling backwards

-Crawling to sitting

-Imitating our faces & making her own “Sadie signature face” where she crinkles her nose up and squishes her eyes shut and then breathes out of her mouth like a little lion

-Cruising her crib or from one piece of furniture to the next

-Discovered her favorite kind of music is Cuban music. It even outdoes Phil Wickham now. Sorry Phil.

-Loves high-fives

-If you get on all fours on the floor and charge toward her, she’ll charge towards you until you butt heads for wrestling love bonks.

-Signing “more”  for food

-Waves “hi” if she’s in the mood

-Obsessive about stuffed animals. Especially her wubba monkey & her bear and let’s not forget the beloved ducky!

-Enjoys talking herself to sleep…well…talking in general. It’s loud in our house.

-Loves reading books and feeling the pages.

Dancing with Dada at a concert in Old Town with Nana & Papa!

Finger Foods she’s eating since purees a la Mama no longer cut it:

Joe’s O’s, Yogurt Melts, Bananas, Blueberries, Eggs, Whole Wheat Pasta, Hummus,  Whole Wheat Bread, Whole Wheat Pancakes, Pita, Steel Cut Oats, Watermelon, Black Beans, Cheese

Who you lookin' at?! I'm trying to eat here!

*It’s been 9 months of breastfeeding I have to say I’m so proud of the both of us! We got off to a rocky start with my being hospitalized for gestational heart failure 3 days after her birth, dealt with low supply from being separated for a night, then had thrush for almost a month…but we pulled through! I am thrilled with the relationship and bond we have built through nursing and thank God we overcame such horrible obstacles I would never wish on anyone!

Perks of her Personality:

Sadie is such a sweet little girl. At home with familiar faces, she’s very outgoing, talkative, loud, playful, and  downright silly. Take her somewhere new with a lot of stimulation and she becomes an observer and quiet until she feels ready to come out of her shell. She loves tracing people in public places to try and make eye contact with everyone who passes.  She is a very quick learner and is intensely proud of herself when she has mastered something new. She loves “snuggle wuggle” cuddling times with Mommy & Daddy and definitely knows how to let us know when she is upset with something (which isn’t very often, thank goodness)!

We love you Sadie Rae!!!

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